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All classes are £7.50 PAYG. For Terms and Conditions please click here.


Car Colston Village Hall, Church Lane, Spring Lane, Nottingham, NG13 8JF


Dance Studio @ Magnus Academy, Earp Avenue, Newark, Notts, NG24 4AB

  • Are the classes suitable for all abilities?
    Yes, the classes are suitable for all levels! Paige will show a variety of levels and you can pick whichever option you want. You can take it nice and easy, or you can go crazy! The workout level really is down to you.
  • What are the classes and the people like?
    Everyone worries about this, but there really is no reason to. The classes are fun, laid back and there isn’t any shouting if you’re not going hard enough - we have a giggle whilst we take part. The people who take part are amazing, and incredible. They are like your cheerleaders, everyone is a community together and you will feel part of the squad immediately. If you ever need hep and Paige isn’t around, just ask one of them and they will be happy to help you. You will also find that we go out for socials together throughout the year, so we are one little family.
  • What do I need to do before my first class?
    Before your first class you will need to head to the 'Book Now' page to complete the PARQ, then you will need to book your class through the link at the bottom of the page. If you are taking part in Boogie Bounce, please arrive 15 minutes before your class start time to set your trampoline up. If you have any injuries, please do let Paige know before the class starts. ​
  • Do you have to be young to take part?
    No! Definitely not! All the classes really do cater for all ages. There is a class limit of 16+ on the evening classes because a lot of people want a break away from the kids, plus sometimes we can swear, or make a dodgy joke so we can do this without panicking haha! Over the years, the oldest person who has attended class (Boogie Bounce), was 73 so it really is achievable for everyone.
  • Are the classes non stop or do you have breaks?
    Yes, we do have breaks. I’m a big believer in if you have a quick drink break you bring more to the class than going back to back. We tend to have a break after every 2/3 songs so you can nip to the toilet, have a drink etc…
  • What do I need to wear?
    You will need to wear comfortable clothing to exercise in. A good sports bra, loose top, gym leggings (make sure they aren’t see-through), and supportive trainers. If you are attending a Boogie Bounce class, you will need grip socks to take part.
  • Do I need good coordination to take part?
    Absolutely not! We all have to start somewhere and we aren’t going to be perfect at the start. We all grow at different rates, so never put pressure on yourself to be as good as the person in front of you for example. Grow at your own level and time - it isn’t a race.
  • If I have an injury or previous medical condition, can I take part?
    Absolutely, as long as a doctor has said it is safe to do so. Please mention this on your PARQ and let Paige know when you attend class as she might be able to help you out with modifications throughout the workout. Paige is qualified in Exercise Referral from the doctors, and also Pre and Post Natal fitness, so you really are in great hands.
  • How much do the trampolines hold?
    The Boogie Bounce Elite trampolines hold 20 stone.
  • Do I need Grip Socks to take part?
    Yes you do, you need grip socks e.g. the ones you have at trampoline parks to take part. If you don’t have any, you can purchase some official Boogie Bounce socks off the ‘Shop’ area on the website. Please do not bring Slipper Grip Socks as they are not suitable.
  • Will I pee myself in Boogie Bounce?
    This is one of the most common questions that I get asked. Everyone is different, Boogie Bounce helps strengthen this area and helps improve it over time, but if you are unsure just pop a Tena Lady on to make you feel more comfortable. I would say approximately 85% of the women taking part weekly have had children and they have no problems.
  • Can I bring my own Glow Sticks?
    Unfortunately you need to use Official Clubbercise Glow Sticks, due to insurance. You can purchase these through the website under 'Shop' and they will be ready to collect at your next class.



Classes are fun and friendly. Paige is a great motivator, getting you to push yourself in a relaxed atmosphere. Wide variety of classes to suit everyone.


Paige's classes are so fantastic, fun and you will always come out of a session feeling great and smiling. Everyone is welcome and all those attending are so supportive. I would highly recommend


Paige is an inspiration!!! I wanted to try something new and I found Boogie Bounce. To turn up on your own is daunting enough but afterwards I was so motivated! Thanks Paige xx

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