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Blowing off the Cobwebs

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Running is one of the most popular forms of morning exercise, and it can help you to start your day in a good mood (as long as you don't injure yourself).

If you are not usually a morning person you will have to go to sleep early the night before (no late night scrolling on Facebook), so you have enough energy to run in the morning. A lot of us tend to have ridiculously hectic lives now and we always make time to make excuses to why we can't do something, so why can't we make excuses to do something for a change. A lot of you are mums and I totally understand that this makes life challenging as you barely have time to go to the toilet by yourselves, never mind leave the kids to go out running (please don't leave them unattended!) - however when will you get the time? When they turn 18? You can't be a prisoner to your kids your whole life and you should be able to have some time for you, plus running releases happy endorphins which will make you feel better within yourself - as lets face it, the majority of us when we have had kids feel that we look awful and we start commenting on certain areas of our bodies. Don't suffer for 18 years, do something now!

Here's a few little tips to prevent the excuses;

- Before you run, lay out the clothes that you are going to wear to work so it doesn't make you late

- If you do decide to run on an empty stomach, get your breakfast partially ready in case you are a bit behind schedule.

- Take care of any household duties the night before or right after you wake up, so when you leave the house to run you do not have to worry about anything.

Start running at least once a week on a set day and then it will be easier to implement a second or third day, once the original running day has become part of your routine. It might sound challenging and horrendous - but trust me when you get into it, it really isn't!

Happy running!

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