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Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Congratulations - we've survived the week and I know a few of you will be thinking of having a Takeaway this evening so I thought I'd give you some little tips and tricks!


Order curries with less sauce and definitely avoid cream curries e.g. Korma!

Be careful with the rice portions that they provide - they are normally massive and far too big for one person. Try to avoid ordering samosas and onion bhajis as these seem like a good idea at the time but they are normally dripping in fat! Avoid poppadoms as they are full of grease and contain high levels of fat! Also avoid chutneys as they have an extremely high content of sugar!


Look for dishes which steam their vegetables - this can provide a range of vitamins and minerals into your diet.

Avoid Spring Rolls - yes, they have vegetables inside but on the outside they are a walking health scare! They are deep fried so avoid at all costs!

Egg Fried Rice - this side dish has that many calories and sometimes people misjudge the title and think that it's a healthy alternative as its protein - you're wrong! Avoid anything dropped into hot fat and fried as this is high in sodium, fat and is going to raise your cholesterol.


The key with a pizza is to keep it simple and keep it thin and small, so the Margherita with small thin crust is the perfect choice.

Avoid processed meat options and avoid one of our favourite toppings of Pepperoni - this only adds more calories, fat and salt to the pizza.

Fish & Chips

Cod & Mushy Peas - Order this and feel great. To make this a super healthy choice, simply eat the cod in the middle and do not eat the batter, throw the batter away.

Jumbo sausages - avoid, avoid, avoid - there's probably more reasons than I can list however here's a few: fried, fat, oil, salt!

Pineapple fritters - all I'll say is just buy a fresh pineapple!


Chicken Breast Kebab in a Wholemeal Pitta stuffed with Salad - Okay we may be pushing our luck to ask for a wholemeal pitta bread, but this choice is very healthy and low in fat. The key is to avoid adding any of the sauces as this is what will add the extra calories to the meal. Donner meat - no need to explain this one I absolutely despise this concoction, just avoid it at all costs; firstly for your health and secondly - it's not even worth the money unless you're completely blind drunk and it tastes like a dish a Michelin star chef has cooked and in that case you've totally fell off the bandwagon so go to bed, get some sleep and start a fresh tomorrow!


Make sure you keep hydrated as a lot of takeaway meals contain high levels of sodium.

If you keep drinking water throughout your meal you'll also benefit from realising your getting fuller quicker.

I hope the above helps keep you in check and not fall off the wagon too much! The easiest way to summarise is; don't order extras, half your portions, avoid sauces, stick to white meat, take fried coatings off (e.g. batter balls), avoid processed foods and if you think about ordering anything fried - run for the hills!!

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