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Fad diets, pills & potions!

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

When I decided to write this topic I had this feeling that a lot of people wouldn't like the truth, however I wanted to allow you all to make your own decisions as the truth never gets spoken about no matter how much stick I'll probably get for this post.

These 'consultants' that sell these well known products (I won't name them for legal reasons) are dangerous to the general public especially those with either health conditions or hidden not known yet medical conditions, who don't know the hidden truths. To enable them to sell these 'miraculous weight loss' products they don't have much training at all. In order to prescribe products to a person the actual person who is telling you to take them NEEDS to be a registered dietitian with a degree. Dietitians are the only ones who can legally tell you what to take as they are the only ones who have got that degree, nutritionists haven't!

Joe Bloggs off the street won't necessarily know what underlying medical conditions or underlying allergies you have and how these products effect you! They probably don't even know exactly what's in the products - just what they are told! How dangerous is this?

Here is an example which makes it clearer to understand - I've used a well known heart medical condition for this example.

There are 2 people who have had a heart attack previously - we'll call them Person A and Person B.

Person A takes medications 1, 2 and 3

Person B takes medications 1, 4 and 5

These people who sell them might say it's safe for a person who has had a heart attack to use them however how would they know which medications this 'ruling' is true for? It could be safe for 1, 2 and 3 however 4 and 5 might cause a severe reaction. The guidelines these sellers are given do not go into this amount of detail, as we all know there are thousands if not millions of different medications and probably billions of combinations and within these combinations each medication dosage could vary e.g. 25mg to 75mg, so take this into consideration as well - not everyone takes the same dosage!

So next time you think these products are a great idea, why not ask them to see their dietitian degree? If they don't have one, don't risk your health no matter how much persuasion they give you! If they tell you that a registered dietitian has advised this particular product for you and they are in contact with them for any queries, why don't you ask to speak to them directly, if they won't let you, don't purchase anything! Or if you're still not sure, purchase the products and take them to your GP to send them off to a registered dietitian to find out their views and opinions!

Don't potentially risk your health for a fad diet! If you want to lose weight, do it the old fashioned way! Exercise more, eat smaller portions, avoid processed food and learn to eat more healthier options!

Personal note to any of the sellers out there who read this: I am not saying to everyone don't buy your products, I am advising them to seek medical guidance from a dietitian beforehand for their own health if they choose to purchase them.

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