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Updated: Dec 27, 2022

We all love Nutella now and again but have you seen this image that is going viral

Please bare in mind that Nutella, which is made by Ferrero, wouldn't confirm or deny if the new viral image sweeping the web accurately represents the proportions of ingredients in each jar of the spread as it said its recipe is a closely-guarded secret.

But in the nutritional information on its jars and on its website, Nutella reveals that each 15g tablespoon of the spread contains 8.5g of sugar - which means that each 400g jar contains a whopping 227.2g. That works out as 75 3g sugar cubes per jar - and makes up more than half of the jar's weight.

Among the other ingredients pictured in distinctive layers within the Nutella jar is the controversial palm oil. The chocolate spread relies on palm oil for its smooth texture and considerably long shelf life and Nutella insists the spread would not be the same without the oil.

Nutella has said this in a statement: "The product’s label provides simple and clear nutritional information per 15g portion, or two heaped teaspoons, as well as per 100g. The ingredients are also listed on the Nutella website."

Ferrero, Nutella's manufacturers added: "One of Ferrero’s core nutritional beliefs is that small portion sizes help people to enjoy their favourite foods in moderation. The labelling on our products enables consumers to make informed choices and helps ensure that Nutella can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet."

I'll leave it up to you to decide if you want to eat this in the future! 🙈

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