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Take a gamble!

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

It got me thinking when I saw this picture, how when I worked the stereotypical 9-5 job, everyone thinks good on you, amazing - well done! It’s a security blanket! - I totally get that unless you’re utterly crap at your job and you get sacked 😂 you get everything sorted out for you, sick pay, holiday pay, pension... you name it - you’re secure 😊

So when I decided enough was enough and I was fed up of flogging my arse off trying to go above and beyond to constantly be hit back as you’re in a structure and you can’t break structures in corporate businesses - you’re all a level or a number, and you should know your pecking order if you get what I mean 😉, I got a lot of questions and in particular ‘do you know what you’re doing?’... of course I did but when people put that uncertainty towards you, all of a sudden you panic and think oh my god I have no idea what I’m doing!

Well if it wasn’t for people telling me I can’t do things, including the person who said I was too fat to teach a few years back (oh yes... I still remember that!) I would not be where I am now and for that I am truly grateful!

So after rambling on about utter rubbish 😂, as always, I just wanted to say - if you have a goal, just bloody do it! Whether it be to progress your career, run a marathon or even join a class! You only get one life and in that life we need to live it to the max... I mean you don’t want to be 80 years old thinking... damn I wish I did that when I was 30/40/50 etc... just grab life each day and do something out of your comfort zone, or even once a week! Eventually your confidence will grow and grow and before you know it you’ll be climbing up that mountain with so much strength, courage and positivity and people will be so proud of you. If you get haters... just remember they are jealous as they haven’t got the balls to do what you’re doing!

If you’re brave enough... why not write in the comments one positive thing you’re going to try and do today or this week? Once it’s written down it might give you that extra push! 😊

Be you, don’t be a sheep! Be fabulous darlings 😘💕

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