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Sports Bras - where to start?

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

A good sports bra is comfortable, doesn't dig into your skin. A properly fitted sports bra may also help delay unsightly breast sagging that may occur as women age. Women with A to C cup breasts should look into compression-style sports bras, while women with D cup breasts or bigger should shop for encapsulating styles.

Whether running on a treadmill or playing a sport, a sports bra helps minimise the movement of your breasts. Band like compression style sports bras hold the breasts tightly to your chest and are well suited for small to medium sized breasts. The encapsulated style sports bra more closely resembles a regular bra; it supports each breast on its own and is ideal for larger sized breasts. It may also feature underwire as well as adjustable support.

A good sports bra will help keep you cool and draw away sweat. Many sports bras feature a variety of fabrics that are lightweight but allow for air circulation. For example, a sports bra with a cotton and polyester blend will feel soft and draw out sweat, while a polyester and Lycra spandex blend provides moisture withdrawal benefits as well as stretchy support. Try on different styles to see which one works well for you.

I always explain to my clients especially when they approach me about sports bras is to make sure you have a good one which will help protect you as for a female this is an important factor of exercising - the wrong one can hurt you and cause you to half your workout time.

Here's the things to remember when you've found your perfect match!

1. It will offer you super support

2. The girls don't bounce

3. It'll be easy to exercise

4. You'll have supreme comfort

5. You'll have temperature control (it helps regulates the temperature of your body)

6. You don't sweat nearly as much wearing a sports bra!

So get down to your local sports shop, try a few brands see what works best for you but remember never wear a normal bra to do a workout in as it'll cause so many negatives to your workout!

Happy shopping!

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