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The Whoosh Effect!

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

This is one of my favourite things to talk about and it has been for years when it comes to weight loss...

Let me introduce to you.... THE WHOOSH EFFECT!!

So in our bodies we all have fat cells, where when we stuff our faces full of rubbish and those cream cakes as a treat it gets stored in here. What you need to do to be successful in weight loss is to create The Whoosh Effect! This is a lot easier than you will think of but when you have these tools you will see your weight drop effortlessly! All you need to do for this is invest in water - which is FREE!! A free way to lose weight I hear you say, you must be mad, it can't work! Well it does, and it is tried and tested so stay with me whilst I explain further.

The way The Whoosh Effect works is to get rid of/shut down your fat cells first (you will see no or slow weight loss) by creating water retention, and then your weight will finally drop when you've shut these bad boys down and that is when you start seeing results!

Step One - we all have a fat cell (which is full - not hangry and loves making you feel horrendous and overweight at the moment). When you are in a calorie deficit your body’s fat cells are emptied of triglyceride as your body breaks it down for energy.

Step Two - When your cells are at your happiest and when dumping triglyceride occurs your cells increase temporarily with water absorption which means we have water retention - the thing we all hate and makes us feel bigger than ever! Unfortunately this means your fat cells do not shrink/become smaller at this stage and due to the uptake of water there is no immediate drop in body weight either which means you will feel disheartened and you might even weigh a tiny bit more than normal - don't panic, trust me on this one - stick with me and you'll see results!

Remember!! You've done the hard work at this point, and this is where you might have to weight a few days to see the fantastic results!

Step Three - You will see after a few days that the fat cells will suddenly start to flush the retained water out of them resulting in body fat shrinkage and the digits on the scales heading lower…CONGRATULATIONS - The Whoosh Effect is in action!!

Step Four - So you might have been wondering, did I burn any fat in the first place if I've been exercising but staying the same weight? Well you have actually been consistently burning fat like you thought you were but this will only be evident once the whooshes have happened. Even though your weight loss plateaued, the fat loss didn’t at this stage. (Stick with me, and trust me on this one...)

Stage Five - At this point it is touch and go with how you are feeling, if you give into your cravings at this point you won't see any results so stay strong and keep kicking those fat cells! Those fat cells will be HANGRY at this point... don't let them win!

Stage Six - The Waiting Game! This is where you have to trust the science in your body and let it work it's magic, once this stage has been completed you are almost there. We need to make sure your fat cells fill up with the water they need and create that water retention!

Stage Seven - We are almost there, your cells are craving more fat and waiting for the fat to come along! Your body will be wanting you to give in to pizza, chocolate and other bad foods but you're almost there, you can see the finish line! Don't give in! You might have noticed your weight might still be the same - don't panic!

Stage Eight - YOU DID IT!! Your fat cells have eventually given up! You might have found that you haven't lost loads of weight at this point - that is fine and normal, what has happened is the body fat is depleting which means the scales need to play catch up! You've in effect done the harder bit without even realising...

Don't eat any bad foods, keep healthy and let the scales play catch up now. Make sure you keep hydrated at all points! If you stop hydrating yourself, you will go back to stage one very quickly!

I hope this post helps, it is my number one tool and I've spoken about this for years (but I've never found pictures to help me explain it to you all)!

Any questions please ask! I promise you'll love The Whoosh Effect if you have that willpower to stick with it on it's hard journey! Remember the aim of the game is to destroy the fat cells, the water retention and weight loss comes after this challenge.

Lots of Whooshing Love

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