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Your weekly food shop!

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

This blog is about your weekly food shop, stop buying extras!

Save yourself a lot of money!!!

In today's world we always struggle to find time to shop in our hectic schedule and with today's every day pressure we seem to have more stress in our lives which encourages us to buy sweet treats or alcohol we are craving.

When you go shopping you'll see all of these offers which are 'reduced' or 'best value', I'll let you into a little secret - they really aren't.

Supermarkets are sneaky when they put reduced prices on, they might say it's on offer and reduced however these prices are normally the standard rate. What supermarkets tend to do is the week before the offer starts, they will raise the price of that product to an extra 10p or more and then the following week after this extra 10p or so has been added, surprise surprise it's on offer at 10p less when realistically this is the standard price you'd normally pay for it and psychologically we think it's a bargain!

Also be aware that in many products they will put the most expensive brands in eyesight level as it is easier to reach and it's more 'convenient' - what you don't realise is practically the same product is cheaper on the shelves below which is out of your eyesight level and these tend to be their own brands and they are just as good it just takes that added extra bit of effort to bend down and pick them up.

End of the aisle offers - here's a frustrating topic. All of a sudden these tasty crisps, chocolates, cookies, wine - you name it, anything with tons of sugar in it and loaded with calories is suddenly on the end of the aisles with a discount attached to them in some cases. Realistically they are only there to entice your brain to pick them up, you don't need them but you'll think 'they look a bargain I must have one' or 'I'll grab one as we may need them one day' - they're psychologically making you part with more cash then you originally intended!

Make sure when you go into a shop take a list, to save money don't go for the well known brands that you're paying for the name, try and experiment with alternative cheaper brands.

If you fancy something which isn't on your shopping list think:

Is it worth it? Do I really need it? Have I got that extra cash to spend? What will it do to my lifestyle? (Especially unhealthy products) Can I make a healthier alternative/choice? Ready meals - can I recreate this at a cheaper rate which is healthier with no added preservatives? Is it the cheapest brand? When will I use it or is it going to stay at the back of the dark cupboard for another year?

Be shop savvy and don't fall for these sneaky and cunning techniques supermarkets make us fall for! You'll end up saving a lot of money which could go towards spending money for your next holiday!

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