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New Year, New You!

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

So it is almost the start of a New Year, yes... I am writing this at 22:30 (very sober as I'm poorly) on New Years Eve!

What are we hoping for tomorrow?... A fresh start where you think you can change your life for the next 365 days consistently... or are you looking for a journey as we are all human and we make mistakes now and again - nobody is perfect!

We all somehow think when that clock strikes midnight everything will change, a bit like Cinderella in a weird way! We sign up to new gyms, we change our hair, empty all of the chocolates in to the bins and we are all determined that we won't drink alcohol for at least a month! Well it never quite works like that... we all give in because we are human and we put too much pressure on ourselves too quickly and we can't cope therefore we get forced in to a corner and we break our New Years Resolutions!

The way we can solve this is my absolute favourite tip and trick... start on January the 2nd... why on earth would you start a healthy eating regime where on the 1st day of January (after the night before where you have been drinking), you'll be craving carb and fatty food because you're hungover or it will make you feel better? Honestly, start any 'resolutions' on the 2nd - it works....

As for 'resolutions', again we put pressure on ourselves, ticking off a calendar or counting it on an app thinking 'Yes! I've managed 3 days already'... why on earth would you make yourself ruled by this random regime that you know is not ideal and you cannot stick to? Well instead of creating resolutions... think of it as a journey, you're taking baby steps to achieving a result you are after... if you fail it's not a big deal, just get back on it the next day.. (at least you won't be 'Janet' hiding away in the kitchen eating the last cream cake out of sight of her coworkers or family so they can't point the finger saying she broke her New Years Resolutions! - let's be honest at some point we have all been a 'Janet' and given in and secretly ate something we shouldn't!).

So when you read this... even if it is the 3rd January or even the 5th June... don't feel like you've let anyone down or you've failed because you gave up... just start your journey the next day... it doesn't matter what day of the year it is... the decision to alter your life comes from deep inside, not a date set by the peer pressure of modern society!

On a final note, I hope you all have a fantastic and a Happy New Year!

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